As part of our commitment to experimental printmaking, we are building and collecting resources, knowledge, research and schemes of teaching on and around colour.

Below, is a new space devoted to colour: links to works, articles, videos, books and our own updates on research and teaching carried out by Ellen Burroughs and artists at Lutra.

You can find more information on attending a course on colour here, or just get in touch.

Scroll all the way down for a bibliography and collection of recommended links to further reading.

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EXHIBITION: Julia Crabtree and William Evans: Slip, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, 17.9.2021 — 16.1.2022

Julia Crabtree and William Evans have been collaborating since 2006 and are known for their process-driven sculpture. Slip includes work from the last five years alongside sculptures made for this exhibition.

Colour contributes much to these works and we very much recommend a visit.

READ: The World According to Colour, A Cultural History,
by James Fox

Freshly published by Allen Lane, Penguin Books this year (2021), I have long awaited this (already annotated and bookmarked) excellent read. Described as a 'biography of colour', Fox tells the story of each colour- some details are familiar, but many are new to us and this is certainly a very up to date 'history'.

See an earlier post for Fox's BBC series 'A History of Art in 3 Colours'

ONLINE: Explore the colour immersed installations of artist Sarah Roberts

New to Leeds, artist and curator Sarah Roberts is currently curating an amazing programme of exhibitions and events with @hydeparkartclub.

After meeting Sarah, we looked into her work as an artist and discovered an incredible series of installations- fully saturated and completely brilliant, each comes with a publication and more...

ONLINE: Edd Carr, cyanotype animations

Leeds based Edd Carr produces animations made up of cyanotype prints...cyanotype involves careful, time consuming photographic exposure and produces beautiful blue images unique to the process. Carr combines these still images and prints, assembling them into an animation.

This links to a music video made for Tyco Jones, which required 5000 separate frames to be hand produced and processed.

EXHIBITION: Mit Jai Inn, Dreamworld, IKON, Birmingham, 15.09.2021 — 21.11.2021

First major solo exhibition in Europe by leading Thai artist Mit Jai Inn.

Comprising recent works made from multiple layers of canvas and paint, filling the gallery with a kaleidoscope of material colour. 3D virtual tour on IKON's website- we hope to visit soon!

Culture Hustle's highly pigmented colour
delivery at Lutra

This week we received a very exciting delivery of Black 3.0, a light absorbing black, researched and designed among many highly pigmented paints and powders developed by Stuart Semple's team at Culture Hustle, a studio made up of artists, creators and experts, working across a variety of disciplines, who collaborate on a diverse output of projects, based in Dorset.

The story of Black 3.0 is interesting- click for more information.


Radio 3, Free Thinking, Colour

Artist Lubna Chowdhary, author Michèle Roberts, art historians James Fox and Kelly Grovier discuss colour.
A good listen with mention of the amazing Emily Noyes Vanderpoel, who wrote the illustrated 'Colour Problems' in 1902, featuring amazing colour analysis grids, featured in a previous post.

ONLINE: Jackson's Pigment Stories

Pigment Stories are beautifully written and researched by artist Evie Hatch for Jackson's Art Supplies.

These inspired a lot of teaching on the Colour in Focus online course we ran with Swarthmore Adult Learning Centre over lockdown. This course is set to run again in 2022- get in touch if you are keen to be notified,

Colour Study for Printmaking at Leeds Print Workshop

Launching on 1.11.2021, Ellen Burroughs will run an experimental and explorative 5 week course, focussing on the application of colour in printmaking, through Leeds Print Workshop, a a Co-operative membership-based printmaking studio at Patrick Studios in Mabgate. The course is fully booked, but watch this space for similar opportunities, or get in touch to be notified.

WATCH/LISTEN: Blue, Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman wrote one of our favourite books on colour- Chroma, published in 1995.

He also made the incredible film 'Blue' towards the end of his life. Watching this immersive blue screen and hearing his words is quite amazing.

We recommend reading more about the film, Jarman's life whilst making it, and exploring artistic and musical responses to it too.

LISTEN: Goethe's Theory of Colours, audiobook, available as a free podcast

Theory of Colours is a book by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe about the poet's views on the nature of colours and how these are perceived by humans. It was published in German in 1810 and in English in 1840. The book contains detailed descriptions of phenomena such as coloured shadows, refraction, and chromatic aberration.

EXHIBITION: Rafaël Rozendaal, Permanent Distraction, Site Gallery, Sheffield, 23.09.2021 — 23.12.2021

This exhibition presents the most extensive installation of Rafaël Rozendaal’s 'Websites' series in a new immersive environment.

Existing and newly produced works come together in a site-specific installation.

Displayed as twelve, floor to ceiling projections, filling the space with constantly generating abstract colour, movement and gesture.

Suggested reading:

  • Interaction of Colour, Albers, Joseph, 1963

  • Color Problems : A Practical Manual for the Lay Student of Color, Noyes Vanderpoel, Emily, 1901, 2018

  • The Secret Lives of ColourSt Clair, Kassia, 2018

  • Tate: Colour: A Visual History: A Visual History. The Exploration of Colour from Newton to Pantone
    Loske, Alexandra, 2019

  • The Secret Language of Color, Eckstut, Joann & Arielle, 2013